Medical attention does not always happen between 9 to 5. When you have a question after hours what do you do? E-mail ask a nurse, a free service of Northeast Internal Medicine. A nurse specially trained for triage will answer your E-mails, if needed you will be referred to see a physician in our office.

If you have health related problem, it is important to get timely health care. Same day appointments are available in our office at Northeast Internal Medicine. If your situation requires immediate attention you should not delay, call 911 or your local emergency response system.

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frequently asked questions

How soon can I get my medication refilled?

We require 24 hour notice for prescription refills. This allows us time to speak with the doctor and get approval for your prescription. Occasionally the fax at the pharmacy will be busy and we will have to resend your prescriptions. Some medications require prior authorization with your prescription drug company. This could delay your prescription by 2-3 days. Please call before your prescriptions run out.

We prefer that you have and appointment to talk with the physician regarding your lab results. Medications may need to be changed or further testing may be needed. The physician will be able to answer all of your questions you may have regarding your labs.

The Nurse will take your call, get the details of your question and pull your chart. If they are not able to answer your questions, when the doctor is available he may speak with you.

You can always call and talk to a nurse in the office. A message may be taken by the front desk and calls will be returned at the end of the day. You can go to our web site, information on all of the testing done in our office can be found here. You can E Mail the nurse from our web site and they will get back with you in 24 hours.

We do not offer lab draws in the office on Saturday’s. We can give you a slip to have your labs done at the hospital on Saturday. We have labs services from 8am-4pm (M-F) in LaGrange and in Kendallville from 8am-4pm (M-F).

Upon receiving your FMLA paperwork we legally have 15 days to fill out the papers and fax it to your employer. We will make every effort to get this done in one week and fax it to your employer. You may pick up the original in our office. A copy will be kept in your medical record. There is a $25 charge for FMLA paper work.