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frequently asked questions

If I call in today with a problem how long does it take to get an appointment?

We have multiple providers in the office and appointments are given the same day for acute illnesses. For new patients wanting to establish care we like to schedule you one week out so we have time to get your records. If you need to be seen right away we will send for your records, letting your previous provider know you are being seen right away.

The initial office visit is $95 and follow up visits are $45. This does not include any labs, testing or medication.

We would like to have 48 hour notice if you cannot make your scheduled test. The office may be charged for some specialty testing if a patient does not show up. This cost could be passed on to you.

You must pay your copay at each visit and on any balance remaining on your account after insurance has paid.

Saturday is available by appointment only. Call in and ask the receptionist if you need a late appointment or a Saturday appointment.

All procedures scheduled in the office will be precertified by the receptionist prior to the procedure being performed. It will not tell us if you have deductibles or copays. If you are concerned about coverage for your procedure, you can call your insurance company and ask about your benefits. The contact numbers are on the back of your insurance card.

We participate with most insurance companies. We will check with our billing department to see if we are in your network. We have a list of all our insurance companies on our web site. Please bring all of your insurance cards with you to your visit.

We strive to ensure patients are seen at their scheduled appointment time. If an emergency arises with the physician we will notify patients and give you the opportunity to reschedule. If you have waited longer than 30 minutes in the waiting area please inform the receptionist. Quality service in a timely manor is our goal.

If you have a balance on your account we will be happy to have the billing department review these charges with you. Some balances may reflect your deductable, copays or coinsurance.

While some appointment are routine follow ups. The nurse will look in your electronic medical record and let you know why the doctor is seeing you today.